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Srikanth is the new kid on the block, working as a journalist with International Business Times. He writes about everything that interests you! In his free time, he listens to Radiohead, supports Manchester City, and enjoys stand-up by Russell Brand. 

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Father motivates son who failed exam, throws impromptu party in MP town

The locals in the city were left astounded seeing the odd celebrations. However, they later joined in the party after the father made them understand why he was celebrating. He told them that he did not want his son to be discouraged and said that he can always reappear in the exam again next year. 5 days ago

PM Modi to meet Russian president Putin at Sochi's seaside resort

MEA announced the informal summit and said that it "will be an important occasion for the two leaders to exchange views on international matters in a broad and long-term perspective with the objective of further strengthening our Special and Privileged Strategic Partnership" 7 days ago

LGBT IITians move Supreme Court, demand Section 377 be scrapped

The group of students who belong to IITs from cities like Bombay, Delhi, Guwahati, Roorkee, and Kharagpur approached the Supreme court on behalf of Pravitti – a group of members from the LGBT community who are associated with IITs across the nation. 7 days ago

Lover stabs 21-year-old girl to death in Hyderabad resort

Upon investigating, the police officials found out that Prasad, the suspect, had already planned to kill the girl. He purchased the knife well in advance and managed to convince the girl to come with him to the resort in the outskirts of Hyderabad. 10 days ago

India celebrates 20 years of Pokhran-II: Here's how it all began

Pokhran-II witnessed five nuclear bomb test explosions between May 11 and May 13, 1998. This is not the first nuclear test conducted by India – Pokhran-I (codename - Smiling Buddha) was conducted on 18 May 1974. However, India did not declare itself a nuclear-weapons enabled country in that year. 11 days ago