A police official [Representational Image]STRDEL/AFP/Getty Images

In a shocking incident, a jilted lover has taken a woman hostage at gunpoint in Bhopal on Friday, July 13. The 30-year-old man identified as Rohit Singh went into the model's apartment at 7 am and has kept her hostage ever since.

A team of police officers led by Deputy inspector general of police Dharmendra Choudhary have been negotiating with the man. The authorities were alerted after neighbors had complained of loud noises emerging from her room early morning.

While communicating through video call, Singh told the police that he intends to marry her and threatened to kill her if they barged in. He holds a country-made pistol and a pair of scissors.

He had even asked for a mobile phone charger and stamp paper. Singh had been demanding for water, cigarettes, and food regularly ever since he held her hostage. The officials have been sending the commodities through a bucket attached to the window on the fifth floor of the building. He had, however, consumed food that was packeted.

According to reports, the stalker and the woman had met in Mumbai during a modeling assignment. The woman, who holds a masters degree in technology, had returned to Bhopal just two months ago. Singh hails from Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh and is a part-time model as well. 

As time went by, authorities from the fire department and a medical team have been rushed to the spot. An ambulance is also stationed outside the flat to handle any emergency situation. 

Apart from the police officials, even Singh's friends had been talking to him from outside the door to surrender. 

Singh had released a video clip that shows the woman lying in a pool of blood in her room. He claims that he loves her in the video.  

"See all the blood. The police have surrounded us and they attacked us with knives and you can see the condition. There is blood all around. Please share his video as much as possible so that the police are brought to justice," Zee News quoted him as saying in the clip.