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Representational Image YouTube screenshot/ UFOmania - The truth is out there

A video apparently shot from Ireland on May 17, 2018, featuring two mysterious flying objects in the sky is now going viral on the internet.

The video shot in broad daylight shows two creepy objects in the sky above Saint Patrick Cathedral, blinking in regular succession. As the clip went viral, conspiracy theorists soon assumed that aliens have made a brief visit to Ireland.

However, some other section of conspiracy theorists argues that these UFOs are actually secret military crafts which might be using anti-gravity flying technology. Skeptics, on the other hand, clarified that the objects spotted in the skies are mere drones.

"It goes on a fair bit longer and they just disappear. There was a suggestion made that it may be drones, but if you watch the full footage, these objects do NOT land, simply vanish," said dmcresins, a YouTuber who originally uploaded the video.

As the video went viral, xX-EMMA-2017-Xx RAVER, a YouTube user revealed that she witnessed a similar sighting in Sunderland, United Kingdom.

"I have seen this exact same thing at around the same time! No one would believe me! I saw this in Sunderland UK yesterday," commented the YouTuber.

A section of people strongly believes that Ireland, especially Dublin is slowly emerging as a UFO hotspot. In the past two decades, there have been 19 recorded UFO sightings in the Irish capital.

A similar incident happened in England three days back when people spotted a triangular UFO with bright lights hovering in the sky. As the video grabbed public attention, conspiracy theorists argued that these vessels are actually the secretive TR-3B, developed by the US Air Force during the time of Gulf War.

As UFO sightings are dramatically increasing in all corners of the globe, conspiracy theorists are urging governments to reveal the exact truth behind these sightings. Some people even allege that the governments are working hand-in-glove with aliens.