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Srikanth is the new kid on the block, working as a journalist with International Business Times. He writes about everything that interests you! In his free time, he listens to Radiohead, supports Manchester City, and enjoys stand-up by Russell Brand. 

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India celebrates 20 years of Pokhran-II: Here's how it all began

Pokhran-II witnessed five nuclear bomb test explosions between May 11 and May 13, 1998. This is not the first nuclear test conducted by India – Pokhran-I (codename - Smiling Buddha) was conducted on 18 May 1974. However, India did not declare itself a nuclear-weapons enabled country in that year. May 11, 2018

Tripura: Jawan shoots wife, 2 children before killing self

The police investigations revealed a dispute between the husband and wife may have led to the incident. The trooper's father had earlier ensured that the husband and wife lived separately within the same house in Agartala, Tripura. May 9, 2018

Woman extorts money from Tinder date, kills him to cover up crime

The woman along with two other men allegedly strangled the victim to death and then later mutilated his body and put it inside a suitcase. They also dumped the body in Amer area near Jaipur, the following day. They were, however, soon apprehended by the local police. May 8, 2018

Woman allegedly raped by ward boy inside hospital

The ward boy had spotted the woman sitting alone in the waiting hall of the Osmania General Hospital in Hyderabad. He approached her pretending to be a senior hospital staff. He asked her to come to the first floor of the building following which he allegedly raped her. May 6, 2018