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Srikanth is the new kid on the block, working as a journalist with International Business Times. He writes about everything that interests you! In his free time, he listens to Radiohead, supports Manchester City, and enjoys stand-up by Russell Brand. 

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Woman extorts money from Tinder date, kills him to cover up crime

The woman along with two other men allegedly strangled the victim to death and then later mutilated his body and put it inside a suitcase. They also dumped the body in Amer area near Jaipur, the following day. They were, however, soon apprehended by the local police. May 8, 2018

Woman allegedly raped by ward boy inside hospital

The ward boy had spotted the woman sitting alone in the waiting hall of the Osmania General Hospital in Hyderabad. He approached her pretending to be a senior hospital staff. He asked her to come to the first floor of the building following which he allegedly raped her. May 6, 2018

Marry off daughters early to stop 'love jihad', says BJP lawmaker

Gopal Parmar, the BJP MLA from Agar Malwa in Madhya Pradesh, said he got married before he was 18. The 53-year-old leader also claimed that he married off his two daughters and a son before they attained the legal age in order to ensure 'they are happy.' May 6, 2018

Modi and Xi Jinping may meet three more times this year: Chinese envoy

The Chinese ambassador to India said that Modi and Jinping may meet this year – once at Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) summit held in Qingdao, China, followed by the BRICS Summit in Johannesburg, South Africa and then finally, at the next G20 Summit taking place in Buenos Aires, Argentina. May 4, 2018

Man jumps off bridge after mother says he can't keep pet cat

The police officials confirmed the incident and claimed that the mother disagreed with him owning a pet cat. "There was a heated argument between the youth and the mother. He went straight to the Meghdoot bridge, parked his motorcycle and jumped off." May 4, 2018

Search for MH370 leads researchers to 19th century merchant vessels

The officials from the Western Australian Museum analyzed the two ships found in the remote Southern Ocean with the help of sonar and video data. "Both wrecks were, in fact, 19th-century merchant sailing ships – one wooden and one iron — both carrying coal," an official confirmed. May 3, 2018

Teen girl allegedly gang-raped by auto driver, four others

The incident took place in Gurugram when the 19-year-old girl was waiting at a bus stand to go to Aligarh. An auto driver on seeing the woman alone approached her and told her that she was waiting at the wrong bus stop. The woman, unaware of his devious plans, boarded the auto. May 3, 2018

NRI woman flies from UK to India on husband's passport

The 55-year-old passenger from Manchester managed to board her flight and go through the check-in procedures without any problems. She was even waved through the stopover at Dubai as she presented an overseas citizenship of India (OCI) card. May 3, 2018

Journalist who flung shoes at George Bush could be next Iraq president

Just 10 years after the shoe-flinging incident, Iraqi broadcaster Muntadhar al-Zaidi has his eyes set on a seat in Iraq's Council of Representatives. The war-ravaged nation will hold elections May 12 for both president and PM and will elect 328 members to its Council of Representatives. May 2, 2018