Obama announces $33 bn in deals, financing for Africa

President Barack Obama on Tuesday urged African leaders to create a better environment for business by halting corruption, as he announced $33 billion in new US investment for the continent. Duration: 00:54 Aug 6, 2014

China school ruins echo carnage of Sichuan quake

Textbook pages flutter in the wreckage of a Chinese school after the country_s latest devastating earthquake, asking wordlessly whether any lessons were learned from a previous disaster. Duration: 00:42 Aug 6, 2014

French winemakers target Chinese and American tasebuds

Winemakers in southwestern France are targeting the tastebuds of Chinese and American consumers, by using techniques that increase the wine_s fruity flavours and reduce the taste of tannins. Duration: 02:06 Aug 6, 2014

Lebanese army battle jihadists for a fourth day

Lebanese army continue to patrol near the border of Syria on Tuesday after Lebanon_s army chief urged France to speed up promised weapons supplies as troops battled jihadists for a fourth day. Aug 6, 2014

Cambodia awaits verdict on ex-Khmer Rouge leaders

Cambodia's UN-backed court will deliver its verdict on two former Khmer Rouge leaders for the first time -- a judgement experts say is needed to help the country deal with its past. Aug 5, 2014