Farmers await rains after slow start to monsoon

Pune, July 03 (ANI): Maharashtra farmers fret over delayed annual monsoon rains and incur huge losses as the parched farmlands have added to their woes. The scanty rainfall has threatened the plantation of crops in the Maval area of the state. Director of India Meteorological Department in western Pune city, D. S. Pai, highlighted the strengthening of monsoon current over central India. Jul 3, 2014

Former French President Sarkozy charged with corruption

France_s former president Nicolas Sarkozy is charged with corruption and influence peddling, French prosecutors say, a dramatic move in a criminal probe that could wreck his hopes of a political comeback. Duration: 00:39 Jul 3, 2014

Syrian rebels in Aleppo reject Islamic State_s caliphate

The proclamation of the caliphate by the jihadists of the Islamic State was rejected by the residents of Aleppo, including some members of the Free Syrian Army, who saw this act as a threat to the popular revolution. Duration: 00:48 Jul 3, 2014

Ukraine forces regain control of Dolzhanskiy checkpoint

The Dolzhanskiy border checkpoint between Russia and Ukraine was the scene of violent fighting Tuesday between pro-Russian separatists and the Ukrainian forces, who regained control of the area. Duration: 00:35 Jul 3, 2014

_Neymarmania_ (literally) goes to Brazilians_ heads

World Cup fever and Neymarmania have literally gone to some Brazilians_ heads, with barbers swamped by demands to get the latest popular hairstyle in Rio_s slums: the face of football star Neymar sculpted in the back of the head. Duration: 01:44 Jul 3, 2014

Pistorius prosecution cross-examines athlete_s manager

In a pummelling cross-examination, prosecutor Gerry Nel questioned Oscar Pistorius_s manager about the star sprinter_s angry outbursts and turbulent love life, zeroing in on apparent inconsistencies in key parts of his account. Duration: 01:05 Jul 3, 2014