Arsenal vs Tottenham preview Play

Arsenal vs Tottenham preview

Arsenal play at home for the North London derby against Tottenham, and they go into the game three points ahead of their rivals. The North London derby has become a fierce battle in recent years at Tottenham have been challenging the Gunners in the league. Nov 4, 2016
Pharrell Williams campaign for Hillary Clinton Play

Pharrell Williams campaign for Hillary Clinton

US Senator Bernie Sanders accused Republican candidate Donald Trumps campaign of being based on a cornerstone of bigotry, while musician Pharrell Williams praised Hillary Clinton as being the candidate to unite America. The unlikely pair joined forces in North Carolina on 3 November, to try to help boost Clinton in the battleground state. Clintons lead has dwindled in the past few days after being rocked by the FBI revealing it is again investigating emails related to a private email server she used as secretary of state. Nov 4, 2016