The International Champions Cup is an annual event, before the European leagues around the world start with their domestic competitions. So, it has always attracted some of the biggest teams in world football for the pre-season competition, and this time is no different with clubs like Manchester United, Arsenal, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and others set to battle from July 18-30.

It would be a wonderful time for football fans in three different nations – USA, China and Singapore -- where the competition is going to be played. It is in the United States, where a maximum of 12 matches are going to be played, with China and Singapore playing hosts to four and three matches respectively.

This International Champions Cup always gives teams a chance to increase their fan base far and wide, besides making some good revenue as well. 

However, Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid) is one of the biggest names to be missing from his team, though rumours suggest he could be available midway. The fans should not be too worried as other stars from giant clubs are fielding a strong team.

Paul Pogba, Romelu Lukaku, Manchester United, International Champions Cup 2017
Paul Pogba and Romelu Lukaku.Harry How/Getty Images

Here is a look at all the teams participating in the International Champions Cup 2017:

The teams have been divided, as per the nation they would be playing in.

  • At United States – Manchester United, Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus, Roma, PSG
  • At China – Arsenal, Bayern Munich, Borusssia Dortmund, Inter Milan, AC Milan, Lyon
  • At Singapore – Inter Milan, Bayern Munich and Chelsea

From the above teams, we can definitely witness some mouth-watering clashes, albeit friendly. When teams like Manchester United play Manchester City or for that matter Barcelona face Real Madrid, they will only have one thing in their mind -- victory -- making it worth the watch.

International Champions Cup 2017 fixtures

Matches in USA 

Jul 19 Roma vs PSG 7 pm local time, 12 am BST, 4:30 am IST
Jul 20 Man Utd vs Man City 8:30 pm local time, 2:30 am BST, 7 m IST
Jul 22 Barcelona vs Juventus 6 pm local time, 11 pm BST, 3:30 am IST
Jul 22 Tottenham vs PSG 8 pm local time, 1 am BST, 5:30 am IST
Jul 23 Real Madrid vs Man Utd 2pm local time, 10 pm BST, 2:30 am IST 
Jul 25 Tottenham vs Roma 8 pm local time, 1am BST, 5:30 am IST 
Jul 26 Barcelona vs Man Utd 7:30 am local time, 12:30 am BST, 5 am IST
Jul 26 PSG vs Juventus 8:30 pm local time, 1:30 BST, 6:30 am IST
Jul 26 Real Madrid vs Man City 8 pm local time, 4 am BST, 8:30 am IST
Jul 29 Tottenham vs Man City 5 pm local time, 11 pm BST, 3: 30 am IST
Jul 29 Real Madrid vs Barcelona 7:30 pm local time, 12:30 BST, 5 am IST
Jul 30 Roma vs Juventus 4 pm local time, 9 pm BST, 1:30 am IST 

Matches in China 

Jul 18 AC Milan vs Borussia Dortmund 7:20 pm local time, 12:20 pm BST, 4:50 pm IST
Jul 19 Bayern Munich vs Arsenal 7:20 pm local time, 12:20 pm BST, 4:50 pm IST
Jul 22 Bayern Munich vs AC Milan 5:35 pm local time, 10:35 pm BST, 3:05 pm IST
Jul 24 Inter Milan vs Lyon 8:05 pm local time, 1:05 pm BST, 5:35 pm IST

Matches in Singapore

Jul 25 Chelsea vs Bayern Munich 8:35 pm local time, 1:35 pm BST, 6:05 pm IST
Jul 27 Bayern Munich vs Inter 9:35 pm local time, 2:35 pm BST, 7:05 pm IST
Jul 29 Chelsea vs Inter 7:35 pm local time, 12:35 pm BST, 5:05 pm IST

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