'We didn't deserve to lose, GG don't feel down': SRK motivates his team; KKR; hugs Jos Buttler as RR triumphs

'GG don't feel down, we didn't deserve to lose,': SRK motivates his team KKR; hugs Jos Buttler as RR triumphs

SRK added, "The main thing is the energy in all of us. I think we have great energy on the field, we have lovely energy here and personally, also, everybody is bonding together. So please continue so. All the best. Honestly, it was a very proud day, the way we all played. I think all of us, I won't even take individual names, that's been taken. GG (Gautam Gambhir), don't feel down. We would all be bouncing back. It's God's plan for today," 2 days ago