Girl going blind meets Pope Francis as part of visual bucket list

A five-year-old American girl who does not know she is gradually going blind met Pope Francis on 6 April as part of her parents visual bucket list to show her people and things while she can still see. Lizzy Myers and her parents, from Lexington, Ohio, were given special seats at Franciss general audience in St Peters Square, where the pope spoke to them briefly. Apr 6, 2016

Chinese emperors seal sells for $11.8m in Hong Kong

The largest imperial seal used by Chinese emperor Kangxi went under the hammer in Hong Kong on 6 April and fetched $11.8m (£8.41m). Sothebys said an Asian buyer won the bid and that it set the third highest price for any Chinese imperial seal sold at an auction. It added that the price also set a world auction record for a seal carved for Emperor Kangxi, who ruled China from 1661 to 1722. Apr 6, 2016

Ted Cruz scores key victory in Wisconsin

Republican Ted Cruz won the Wisconsin presidential primary on 5 April dealing a blow to front-runner Donald Trumps hopes of amassing the delegates needed for the partys nomination ahead of the July convention and boosting the chances of a rare contested convention. Apr 6, 2016

Officer shoots a knife-wielding man shouting ‘kill me now’

Police in Glendale, Ohio, have released footage of the moment a man armed with a knife lunged for an officer on the shoulder of Interstate 75. The footage, recorded on a body camera worn by Glendale Police Officer Joshua Hilling, shows Javier Pablo Aleman being interviewed when he pulls a knife. Apr 6, 2016