Salman Khan and Zaheer Iqbal

Who is Zaheer Iqbal? Salman Khan launches another fresh face [Photos]

Salman Khan has been training Zaheer Iqbal for the role and is very confident about him. He even gave him a pet name Zahero and that's what the movie crew calls him. In fact, Salman did his photo shoot himself and the last time he clicked someone, it was Hrithik Roshan. May 31, 2018
Huma Qureshi

Cannes Film Festival 2018: Huma Qureshi looks like a queen

Huma Qureshi is the brand ambassador for Grey Goose and is representing the same at Cannes 2018. She spoke about sexual harassment, the #metoo movement, freedom of expression and women in India. Huma also shared some personal experiences. May 14, 2018