Soneca Guadara
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Personal fashion stylist Soneca Guadara, who is embracing the neon fashion trend of 2019, says that Neon colors can make one stand out. However, they may not go so well on everyone.

In the world of fashion, trends keep changing from time to time. Hence, it's important to know what is currently trending. Being summer time, people look for airy and light outfits. Several new trends have been staged at the fashion shows this season. One of the most significant is the neon fashion trend that is back from the eighties.

Celebrities, stars, and everyday fashionistas are embracing this trend by making the look their own from entire top to bottom. And so are the fashion industry's stylists who make trends such as this go mainstream like Soneca Guadara.

Soneca Guadara is one such promising fashion expert, whose in-depth insights have helped several celebrities make the right choices. Based in New York, she reinvented herself as a fashion stylist in her forties. Though being married and a mother of four, she managed to establish herself in the fashion industry within no time.

While talking about the comeback of the neon trend, Soneca says, "Neon colors can make one stand out. However, they may not go so well on everyone. One can balance it by mixing it with a neutral outfit. Shades of black, white, and brown would work best, as they all belong to the neutral palette."

Soneca Guadara adds, "For instance, if one chooses to wear a neon top, then a pair of black pants would help to strike the color balance. While, if one goes for neon trousers, a neutral color on the top, like beige would be the optimal choice. For those who like to be bolder in their attire, mix and match would work well."

She also affirms that two shades of neon like blue and pink can be mixed in one's outfit. This could make an ideal blend, while also giving one a bold appearance. For many, neon-colored outfit may raise concerns about looking undesirably bold. Soneca advises them to pair up neon-hued earrings, necklace, shoes, bags, and other fashion accessories.

This will help to optimize the neon glow in their appearance. For people who like to be classy yet trendy, sheath dress would be a good choice. One's comfort level should decide the extent to which neon may be used as a trendy color. Soneca recommends making a small start with neon, and gradually wearing more of it, as one gets comfortable.

It's hard not to notice or execute these invaluable tips coming from a fashion stylist who has worked for some big names in the industry. It's incredible how she maintains a perfect work-life balance. Her journey of becoming a successful fashion stylist, despite her familial commitments is exemplary.

Soneca Guadara is a role model for women today and is someone to follow well beyond the current neon fashion craze. So, get inspired to strike a balance in your attire this summer by following her.