Vitrag Mehta
Vitrag MehtaPR Handout

At an age of only 22, without any formal education in fashion designing, Vitrag Mehta started his own clothing line and maintains a Fashion and Lifestyle blog.

It is his passion to flaunt fashion styles curated by himself and give the best style statement to his audience. Although he is a bachelor of commerce, experimenting with fashion and styling was always his passion and adding hard work and a touch of creativity, he turned this passion into profession. "I needed my own personal space to write about my styling and share my ideas with the world" – he asserted when asked about genesis of his blog.

But, reaching to this point in his career was not a piece of cake walk. Before starting blog writing, he tried building career in commerce, architecture, family business but nothing seemed to give the satisfaction which he gets now by influencing and  blogging. Indeed, he broke stereotype of working in a family business within his community as he left a hefty profitable business to paint his own colour in the sky.

He has always been a keen learner and a very experimental individual when it comes to fashion and styling. Three years ago before starting his career as a influencer, he was criticized during his graduation for styling himself with tucked-in crew neck t-shirt and a tapered fit trouser with loafers and bottoms but it never demotivated him.

With his belief in self only up he goes. And look around for a moment, these days the same styling has became a trend for the generation. He has never attended any fashion or styling school yet and this self-learnt man gives the credit for his knowledge to internet and from his styling experiments. His ambition is to emerge as an International Fashion Icon.