Alisha Taneja
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Is it plain luck to be able to make a living out of what one enjoys doing? Or does it take more than luck to follow your passion and make a decent living? Isn't it wonderful for someone who has successfully gained fame and fortune by following ones dream?

Alisha Taneja did just that, she pursued her passion and with her hard work, determination and dedication turned herself from being a shy, petite American girl of Indian origin to become a fashion and beauty blogger as social media strategist and influencer for fashion and health related brands.

What made her special was the fact that she was not that usual fair, sophisticated fashion enthusiast with an impeccable body whose Instagram account is loaded with HD snaps dressed in the latest fashion. She was a girl of the size considered smaller than average with middle tone skin. She was from that category which was not represented.

The simple pleasure and excitement of shopping for a new dress was a challenge for women of her size. So she began sharing her hardships and her little victories on her blog. By the time she was enrolled in UCLA with major in Biology, her practical fashion and beauty tips were slowing gaining popularity.

She soon realised that she had to strike a balance between her growing business and her studies, social life, extra-curricular activities, health and wellness, this she consider to be the biggest challenge she faced pursuing her passion. So she changed her major from Biology to Political science. She graduated in 2016 and started full time blogging.

Her blog and various other social media accounts has ranked in followers with their fresh and interesting content. She works with some of the top fashion and health related brands and inspire millions of women who have faced bullying and body shaming to gain their lost confidence.

She has featured in popular shows like Showbiz India and Brit & Co, where she shared her experiences and hardships that she faced for being petite and her middle toned skin. Her genuine concern and her desire to use her work to help women of her brand-short and coloured, to get the best in fashion and looks made her a hit as the followers can easily relate to her.

Taneja, to empower women of her built and stature to gain confidence and find the best look; shares the best, be it from the high end brands or street fashion. Her growing love for travel provides interesting and fresh content for the followers. She ensures that her online presence is not missed, by posting regularly across platforms and creating backlinks.

She considers that fresh and interesting content posted at regular intervals is the key for a blog to thrive and grow. She also treats the followers to giveaways and connects to like-minded creative individuals to ensure that the blog grows.

With 662.9k followers and collaborations with reputed brands like American Express, net a porter, Uber and many more, you cannot miss her, even if you aren't a follower of her blog, yet.