Donald Trump announces withdrawal from Paris Climate Accord: Were getting out Play

Donald Trump announces withdrawal from Paris Climate Accord: Were getting out

Donald Trump has confirmed that he will withdraw the US from the Paris climate agreement, in effect ensuring the worlds second largest emitter of greenhouse gases will quit the international effort to address dangerous global warming. The US will remove itself from the deal, joining Syria and Nicaragua as the only countries not party to the Paris agreement. There will be no penalty for leaving, with the Paris deal based upon the premise of voluntary emissions reductions by participating countries. Jun 2, 2017
Why Black music matters Play

Why Black music matters

Its African American Music Appreciation Month in June. Originally decreed by President Jimmy Carter in 1979, as Black Music Month former President Barack Obama renamed the month. Let us recognize the performers behind this incredible music, which has compelled us to stand up- to dance, to express our faith through song, to march against injustice, and to defend our county and amp;#39;s enduring promise of freedom and opportunity for all, Obama proclaimed.  African American music begins with the spiritual, a religious-themed song sung by slaves as they worked on the plantation fields of the South. Drawing on spirituals, field hollers and work songs, the blues was developed. Nearly all American music today is influenced by the blues: Jazz, Country, Rock. Hip-hop/rap is one of the few American musical styles that is not influenced by the blues but was also pioneered by African Americans.  Jun 1, 2017