Former Miss Uruguay Fatimih Davila Sosa found dead in hotel in Mexico City
Former Miss Uruguay Fatimih Davila Sosa found dead in hotel in Mexico City.Instagram

Beauty queen, ex-Miss Uruguay Fatimih Dávila Sosa was found dead in a hotel in Mexico City, say reports. Fatimih was found hanged on Thursday, May 2, in the guest bathroom at a hotel in the capital city of Mexico. She was 31.

Investigations are still on and the nature and cause of her death have not been revealed yet. Probe is still on whether it was suicide or murder, as Fatimih Dávila Sosa was found hanging in the bathroom of a hotel. According to the Daily Mail, a press statement from the prosecutor's office regarding the death read, "From the investigations carried out so far, it was established that an acquaintance helped her to settle in the aforementioned hotel."

Fatimih Dávila Sosa represented Uruguay at the Miss Universe 2006 pageant as well as the Miss World 2008 pageant. She made a living as a model in Mexico and had reportedly also worked in the USA. The beauty queen also studied as an actress in Chile and acted in the soap opera El Triunfo del Amor (The Triumph of Love).

The Daily Mail also quotes Uruguayan newspaper El Pais that talks of Fatima Dávila's name in a 2011 sting operation into a prostitution ring in the country, operated by public relations agent Jose Miguel Acosta. The PR agent knew Argentine model representative Luis Santos very well, an acquaintance of the beauty queen.

Dávila was reportedly recorded by investigators as saying, "I was talking to Leandro (Santos) and he told me that it would be good if I got into something of that to put myself in higher demand, to make myself better known, because nobody values the subject matter of Miss Uruguay." Fatima gave a court declaration in 2012 after the sting.

Fatimih Davila Sosa's last Instagram post comments show it was 17 weeks ago. She looked happy in her last picture, in a white shirt, as she smiled and looked down. In general, in all her pictures, she looked like a happy soul and it is unfortunate that she had to pass away in tragic circumstances.