Emilia Clarke
Actress Emilia Clarke from the HBO series "Game of Thrones" arrives at the 68th Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles, California U.S., September 18, 2016.Reuters

Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke opened up about the scope of episode five of season eight. The Daenerys Targaryen actor spoke to Jimmy Kimmel and said that the fifth episode of the final season of Game of Thrones will blow the minds of fans. Emilia also teased what's to come in the final three episodes of the HBO series.

Episode three of the hit HBO TV show left a lot to be desired, with a lot of fans having issues with the lighting of the episode. The darkness pervading the third episode left many fans disappointed. Reportedly, "The Long Night" was the longest battle sequence ever filmed, it took 55 long nights in the dark to film and set a record of 17.8 million viewers. But according to Emilia Clarke, the "Battle of Winterfell" was nothing compared to what's going to come in episode five. 

Emilia Calrke
Emilia CalrkeGetty Images

"Episode five is bigger. Episode five is, I mean, four and five and six, they're all insane, but like... Find the biggest TV you can."

Speaking of TVs the last episode's shortcomings were blamed on the TVs viewers used, which we have to say is a preposterous excuse. Hopefully, the fifth episode will have epic and gigantic moments which will satisfy viewers on whatever TV they choose to watch.

The final season of Game of Thrones has so far been somewhat disappointing. But with three episodes remaining, we hope that Game of Thrones signs off on a high note. Emilia Clarke's character Daenerys Targaryen is likely to have a very important role to play in the final episodes. The next episode of Game of Thrones will air on May 5.