Charlize Theron issues a call to action for AIDS prevention

South African-born film star Charlize Theron issued a call to action for HIV and AIDS prevention and used startling statistics about the infection rates among young women and girls. Speaking to a United Nations panel called Ending the AIDS epidemic by 2030 on 27 September. Theron detailed stories from young women and girls she has met. Sep 28, 2015

Yellen indicates Fed rate hike by year-end

The end of 2015 could finally see a rate hike from the US Federal Reserve, almost nine years after it signalled a regime of low rates in order to help global growth. The Feds chair Janet Yellen on Thursday 24 September, said she was confident of a US recovery amid a sluggish global economy and reiterated plans to withdraw the central banks extraordinary stimulus by year-end as long as inflation was stable and employment levels remained strong. Sep 25, 2015