Paralysed monkeys walk again Play

Paralysed monkeys walk again

Monkeys with spinal injuries that have left them paralysed have been able to walk again through wireless implants in their brains and spines which bypass the injury. Scientists say that this new technology could be used to help paralysed people regain control of their bodies. Nov 9, 2016
Donald Trump presidency win rocks global markets Play

Donald Trump presidency win rocks global markets

Global financial markets tumbled in the wake of Donald Trump winning the US presidential election as fears of protectionist trade policies increased. The Asian markets were one of the firsts to react all dropping points, and the FTSE 100 Index opened 102.8 points down knocking more than £25bn off the value of blue chip shares. The Republican candidate beat the polls by winning key swing states like Florida, Ohio and North Carolina. Nov 9, 2016