Bomb-proof bag could suppress explosions on aircraft

This is what happens when a bomb goes off inside the luggage hold of a normal passenger jet. Authorities believe it was a blast like this which downed a Russian aircraft over Egypt in October, killing all 224 people on board. Dec 14, 2015

Margaret Thatchers iconic handbags and personal effects up for auction

The late Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher still dominates the British political scene and 25 years after she ruled the country and almost three years after her death, people can now own a slice of her history. Christies auctioneers in London are selling more than 400 lots of Thatchers clothes, jewellery and iconic handbags, along with some of her personal and political mementoes. Dec 14, 2015

A millionaire’s Christmas: £1m crackers and ruby tarts

A luxury goods seller showcased items for a millionaires Christmas on 10 December which include a snow globe with diamond snow, tarts with rubies, a Christmas tree star containing more than 280 diamonds and a box of crackers costing £995,000 ($1,509,066). Dec 14, 2015