Iran nuclear deal: Javad Zarif says sanctions on will be lifted on 16 January

International sanctions on Iran will be lifted on 16 January, when the United Nations nuclear agency declares Tehran has complied with an agreement to scale back its nuclear programme, Irans foreign minister said. Foreign Minister Javad Zarif arrived in Vienna, headquarters of the International Atomic Energy Agency, the UN body expected to issue a report triggering the lifting of sanctions imposed by the United Nations, United States and European Union. Jan 16, 2016

Burkina Faso attack: Troops rescue 100 hostages after ending hotel siege

Burkina Television (RTB) showed security forces during the operation to end a siege at Ouagadougou Splendid Hotel by al Qaeda fighters to the sound of explosions and heavy gunfire on 16 January. A military armoured emergency vehicle drove several times to the side of the hotel during the operation to rescue hostages. Jan 16, 2016

Mexico City: CCTV captures dramatic explosion that injured 10

Ten people were injured after a gas explosion at a Mexico City restaurant on 15 January sent glass and debris flying onto morning rush hour traffic. Authorities said the explosion, caught by this security camera, was caused by a gas leak. Jan 16, 2016