Owen Smith: We are heading for electoral division and destruction

Labour leader candidate Owen Smith used his final speech before the ballots close to warn Labour voters about the direction the party is heading, in his opinion. He argued that his plans are not different from that of current leader Jeremy Corbyn, but that he was honest on how to achieve the results and win an election. Sep 16, 2016

New Ukip leader Diane James gives her first speech

Diane James is the new leader of UKIP after getting 8,451 votes, announced at the partys confrence in Bournemouth on 16 September. The former Ukip deputy chair and home affairs spokeswoman will be taking over from Nigel Farage who stepped down after the EU referendum. Diane James was the favorite to become leader after Steven Woolfe MEP was blocked from the final ballot after submitting his application late. Sep 16, 2016

Donald Trumps craziest tweets

IBTimes UK present some of the Republican presidential candidates most controversial statements on Twitter. Sep 16, 2016

Operations Shader in numbers: UKs war against ISIS

Figures released by the House of Commons reveal the number of bombs dropped on Isis as part of Operations Shader as of 25 August 2016. The data shows that the UK racked up a bill of £7.8 million on bombing Isistargets in Syria since December 2015, with a total cost of £84.4m on weapons since 26 September 2014. Sep 15, 2016