Jana Sena Party chief Pawan Kalyan
Jana Sena Party chief Pawan KalyanTwitter

The controversy surrounding Lakshmi's NTR has sparked a debate that whether Jana Sena Party chief Pawan Kalyan should condemn Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu for denying permission for its press meet or not.

Ram Gopal Varma was scheduled to hold a press meet in Vijayawada on Sunday to announce the date of Lakshmi's NTR release in Andhra Pradesh. Soon after the team of Lakshmi's NTR landed at the city airport, the director was arrested and forcibly evicted from the city. Hours after the incident, YCP chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy condemned Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu for misusing the power.

This incident created a lot of buzz in the media with many questioning N Chandrababu Naidu's intentions behind using the police force to stop Ram Gopal Varma from holding the press meet in Vijayawada. Many people on social media also expressed their outburst against the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.

Power star Pawan Kalyan has kept mum on this development in the state and some people in the social media are not happy with the silence of the chief of Jana Sena party, which is one of the three leading parties in the state. They feel that he should raise his voice against injustice and condemn Chandrababu Naidu's dictatorship. Being a film personality, he should actually standby Ram Gopal Varma.

Here are some of the comments posted on Twitter:

Lakshmi's NTR
Lakshmi's NTRTwitter

Harini‏ @IamHarini8

Like the way @ysjagan sir condemned the acts of how police detained @RGVzoomin in Vij by not holding a press conf he planned, why not @PawanKalyan sir being an instrumental politician of AP n hailing from movie field not even reacting to the dictatorial governance? #Justasking

KV‏ @VSK39692132

@PawanKalyan this incident happened in the district which is very close to your family! Did you question the then government, which is responsible for this incident. This incident happened due to PUBLICITY savy CM who stopped the crowd to take an documentary Shame!!

Journalist Sai‏ @saisatya14

Pawan need To Respond on Varma Issue | వ‌ర్మ విష‌యంలో ప‌వ‌న్ ప్ర‌శ్నిస్తారా.?

John Abraham‏ @AbrahamG43

Film industry made @PawanKalyan #PowerStar and gave lot of money, but why's he not supporting @RGVzoomin and #LakshmisNTR release in #AndhraPradesh? Because now he's getting bigger package from @ncbn.


@RGVzoomin ask @PawanKalyan help in releasing #LakshmisNTR in AP. PSPK will do anything, he is capable. #ByeByeBabu

But a few others feel that this incident is not a big issue that can cause huge losses to the state and there is no need of Pawan Kalyan responding on this issue. They countered that there are many other burning social problems rather than talking about this film, which is a matter of one man's business interest.

NAVEEN KOLLI‏ @navinkolli

It should be upto PK right to react like the way RGV fighting for his right. It's not a state issue unless good amount of people suffer with their fundamental rights. Else rgv has to approach PK help then u expect reply. Jagan connected to issue indirectly FYI.

D Srikanth‏ @dsrikanth67

Why? Do you think this is the only problem we have? There are much more important issues than these. Let's not waste our time.

Rajesh Gorle‏ @imRGorle

@saisatya14 Hello Sir, I respect you a lot for your true journalism. I don't understand why @PawanKalyan need to respond on this. Is this any way related to 'State' betterment interests.