anant ambani modi rally

Anant Ambani took everyone by surprise by showing up at a rally organised for Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Mumbai on Friday, April 26. He was spotted among the crowds just days after his father, industrialist Mukesh Ambani voiced out his support for Congress candidate Milind Deora fielded from Mumbai South Lok Sabha constituency.

"I am here to listen to PM Modi and support the nation", Anant Ambani was quoted as saying by a Marathi news channel, reports NDTV. 

He was also seen cheering to PM Modi and shouted "Main bhi chowkidaar" along with the crowd.

The new developments have given way to speculations if there is any falling out between the Ambani father and son since Mukesh Ambani, whose company always had the support of the government was header talking about Milind Deora.

"Milind is the man for south Mumbai. Having represented south Mumbai for 10 years, I believe Milind has in-depth knowledge of social, economic and cultural ecosystem of the south Mumbai constituency," Mukesh was filmed telling. The video was subsequently uploaded on Twitter by Milind Deora.

In addition to this, Mukesh had gone against his brother Anil Ambani who never missed an opportunity to openly criticize the Congress and its president, Rahul Gandhi.

In the rally in Mumbai, PM Modi had said, "Every survey and every news report shows that we would get 282 seats or more. Surveys are also agreeing that BJP and NDA (National Democratic Alliance) will win the most seats in Parliament and come back to power. This is not the BJP saying, but surveys."

He added, "The talk is whether NDA will cross 300, 315 or will it go to 400... After three phases it is clear the BJP government is coming back... People of Mumbai are smart — they know which way the wind is blowing. Be sensible, don't waste your vote."

Modi then attacked Congress without naming them. He said, "We have attacked corruption and as a result, many are in jail and some on bail. In 2014, you elected me. I took them to the doors of the jail. You elect me in 2019, I will put them behind bars."