Secretary James Mattis Says U.S. Will Not Abandon Syria

Defense Secretary and amp;nbsp;James Mattis and amp;nbsp;told senators on Thursday that the U.S. military is not preparing to withdraw from Syria and that the presence of American troops is vital for continued anti-ISIS operations. Apr 27, 2018

Syria Battles Last of ISIS South of Damascus

The Syrian military battles the last pocket of ISIS fighters in the southern outskirts of Damascus. The jihadis reportedly agreed to give up, but violent clashes continued as they struggled over the terms of their surrender. Apr 23, 2018

Why are US troops still in Iraq?

15 years on from the invasion of Iraq by U.S. forces, the region has changed dramatically. From the fall of Saddam Hussein to the rise of ISIS, it and amp;#39;s been a blood-filled conflict, but why is the U.S. still invested? Mar 16, 2018