Scott Shepherd, a former member of KKK, aka., Klu Klux Klan recently confirmed that the group was definitely a terrorist organization. Shepherd who rose to the ranks of Imperial Wizard in the group is now a reformed racist.

Recently, there was a petition on asking the federal government to recognise the Klu Klux Klan as a terrorist organization. The petition received over 1.7 million signatures. Addressing the petition and the group's activities Shepherd spoke to Newsweek and said, "This isn't anything new. They've been a terrorist organization ever since birth. They're not just domestic anymore. They're in Germany, they're in London. They're in many, many sections of the world now."

Shepherd was a part of KKK for almost 20 years. He joined the group as a kid and was conditioned to believe in their ideology. He had also risen to being a Grand Dragon by the age of 19. It was only when he entered DUI to cure his drug and alcohol addiction that he was able to change his mindset. Having spent some time with people of all races at the facility, he made a decision to quit the Klan in 1994.

After having left the KKK, Shepherd met Daryl Davis, a musician who has been instrumental in reforming over 200 KKK members, forcing them to renounce racism. Talking about the petition on, Davis was reported as saying, "This is where the page really turns. Despite a lot of violence and disruption, this is the greatest thing that has happened so far in the 21st century."

Shepherd also said, "The number of people involved isn't the problem--the problem is the mentality that they hold with the views of white supremacy. That's what's really really dangerous." He also pointed out that KKK is "more dangerous than ISIS."