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Congress on ordinance route to pass Anti Graft Bills

Nagpur, March 02 (ANI): Congress leader Rajeev Shukla on Sunday said that the Congress wants to pass the anti graft bills for public welfare and the opposition should not oppose but support the government if it takes the ordinance route. The Union Cabinet is meeting to take a final call on whether or not to take the ordinance route for key anti-corruption bills backed by Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi. Mar 2, 2014
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Muzaffarnagar riots were provoked by political parties for vested interest: Kejriwal

Kanpur, Mar 2 (ANI): While blowing the poll bugle in Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur city, AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday launched a scathing attack against all the political parties including the state ruling Samajwadi Party. Kejriwal invoked last year's Muzaffarnagar communal riots that left many people dead and missing. He said that political parties provoke riots for vested interest. Mar 2, 2014

Pakistani Media succumbing to Islamist threat unlike Bangladeshi media

New Delhi, March 2 (ANI): Media freedom has come under attack in Pakistan with the Taliban trying their best to turn Pakistan into another Afghanistan. The recent attacks on media houses certainly point in that direction. In contrast the media is still very much independent in Bangladesh despite the pressure from the Islamists who have ideological links to extremists in Pakistan. Media is said to be the fourth pillar of a democracy but the media in Pakistan is under the scanner for giving into pressure from hardliners. Media houses either resort to self-censorship or if not are attacked for expressing independent opinion. Its not just the Islamist groups but also the Pakistan army and particularly the country’s premier intelligence agency the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) which has muzzled media freedom as well. In many regions especially in Balochistan and in Pakistani Kashmir it is very difficult for a journalist to investigate and report fairly and safely. Mar 2, 2014
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Modi takes on UP govt, says BJP tsunami will uproot SP, BSP & Congress

Lucknow, March 02 (ANI): Taking jibe at the Samajwadi party government in UP, Narendra Modi, while addressing a rally in Lucknow, said that ‘BJP tsunami’ will uproot SP, BSP & Congress with elections approaching. Modi also lashed out at Akhilesh Yadav over the number of riots that took place in the state under his governance. Modi said that Samajwadi party is divided into two parts, that is, Samajvirodhi Party and Sukhwadi Party. He said that UP makes news of lost buffaloes but pays no attention when somebody’s son is lost. Mar 2, 2014
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Nitish Kumar sits on Satyagraha demanding special status to Bihar

Patna, March 02 (ANI): Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Sunday sat on a day-long Satyagraha in Patna’s Gandhi Maidan demanding special status for the state. Kumar said that the centre’s announcement to grant special status to Seemandhra and not Bihar, who are demanding for the same since past 90 years has shown the discriminatory behaviour of the government and therefore a dawn-to-dusk bandh is called upon. Mar 2, 2014
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Bangladesh tanners boom despite toxic costs

Bangladesh’s tanneries produce leather for fashion brands around the world but the environmental cost of global demand for cheap shoes is on full display in Dhaka where the industry's toxic waste is killing the city's main river. Duration: 02:30 Mar 2, 2014

Stop offering help to Hindu migrants to discourage Islamist radicals: Bangladesh

New Delhi, March 02 (ANI): A leading filmmaker from Bangladesh, Nasiruddin Yousuff, pressed New Delhi to stop actively offering shelter and help to Hindu migrants as it would encourage vengeance among Islamist fundamentalists who would commit atrocities against innocent Bangladeshi Hindu citizens. Guests and dignitaries were participating in the fourth round of Bangladesh-India Friendship Dialogue in New Delhi where the subject of deliberation was the rising fundamentalism in South Asia, which has become a threat to regional integration of the nations. Hindus, who are a minority in Bangladesh, are being increasingly attacked by Islamists fundamentalists and also members of Bangladesh Nationalist Party for actively supporting the ruling Awami League led by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Mar 2, 2014