Anti-Trump protest
People hold placards at an anti-racism protest against U.S. President-elect Donald Trump outside of the U.S. Embassy in London, Britain, November 9, 2016.Reuters

So Donald Trump comprehensively beat Hillary Clinton and is now the American President Elect.

So Donald Trump defied all expectations and predictions and Made America Great At The Polls Again.

So all his ham-fisted bungling, misogynistic statements, and lack of coherent policy — that didn't involve masonry — didn't matter one bit when it came down to the wire.

So he won.

So Get Over It.

It's completely understandable for supporters of a losing presidential candidate to raise their voices against the outcome and rail against the system, but that's usually done at home in front of the TV, or down at the bar, well-oiled and tongue unfettered.

America takes to the street to stop wars and bristle against hate crimes and racial equality. They don't usually take to the streets because they're sulking their candidate didn't win. But yet here they are.

The only nullifier here is that wasn't blue-blooded America bracing for Trump supporters to violently take to the streets and question the election result once Clinton won?

Weren't they, the 'people that don't represent the True Evolved America', going to be a problem?

Well no, the other side, however, is doing a fairly good job of filling in.

But this is their country, and they'll deal with it how they want to. Have at it!

What of the rest of the world? That precious bunch of nations from a pseudo-Brexit-addled UK; to a European ideal steadily heading into the waiting arms of neo-fascism; to a South Asia, looking every bit as jingoistic and inept as its immediate neighbour: Why are they sulking?

So world, you don't like the US president elect?


You didn't like Dubya either. And didn't you say that the Barack Obama dream had failed because he didn't really do anything he said he would. You get the drift, right. You lot are never happy. So excuse America if they don't give a monkey's ass what you think. They will sort it out themselves.

The Big Global Sulk is most evident on social media, rife with non-American citizens venting their spleen at the ascension of Trump to the highest office in the world.

Needless to say, most of them would be as irate as a wet cat if Americans deigned to question their country's politics (and politically speaking, most of the developing world is lobbing some pretty heavy stones while effectively living in a house made not so much of glass, but of spikes... all pointed inwards).

Of course the immigrants, students and tourists in America who can't stand the fact that, against all predictions, Trump won, can always leave. There is that option. Show your anger by going back home or anywhere else.

Thing is, there will be no exodus of immigrants, foreigners and students: Because no matter what they think or say of America's politics, it will almost invariably result in a better standard of living than what they get back home.

Sure, get involved in the debate by all means. But leave the Suitcase of Sanctimony at home. America has made its bed and over the next few weeks, they'll learn to sleep in it.

It may turn out to be a far more comfortable bed than they imagined, it might even be a lot worse. But things rarely turn out the way they're forecast: After all, Obama didn't bring Sharia Law to America, and Obamacare didn't bankrupt the nation; but he did fail to close Guantanamo.

The world has got to stop sulking. Americans have to get used to the fact that being the world's most powerful country also means that you're going to have to deal with a European, Briton or Indian espousing their views on Trump's Triumph. It ain't always going to be pretty, but it is what it is.

It's like the homecoming queen who's decided to marry the resident bad boy. Everyone's aghast; no one understands why you did it. Over time, if he doesn't send the whole house up in flames, they'll get used to it. One or two might even come to like him. That's life. That's politics.

Wake up world, stop sulking, pick your ego off the floor, and get on with it. That's the American Way, it's a pity too few other countries follow it.