Donald Trump


Macrump: A Bromance Is Born

President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron demonstrated their special relationship during several public appearances over the course of Macrons official state visit to Washington. The two leaders shared many hugs, kisses, handshakes and laughs. 7 hours ago

Who is Admiral Harry Harris?

Navy Admiral Harry Harris, and amp;nbsp;commander of U.S. and amp;nbsp;Pacific Command, could become the next ambassador to South Korea. The 61-year-old military veteran had been tapped as ambassador to Australia and amp;mdash; President Donald Trumps original plan. That hearing and amp;nbsp;has since been postponed. and amp;nbsp;Music: Audioblocks - Truth-Picker 12 hours ago

Obama makes Melania smile and Twitter trolls Donald Trump

Melania Trump attended Barbara Bush's funeral sans US President Donald Trump where Barack Obama made the current FLOTUS smile. The adorable moment drove Twitter crazy leading to some hilarious memes and trolls aimed at the current president. 2 days ago

Who is Kris Kobach?

Kris Kobach is the secretary of state of Kansas and is the frontrunner to be the Republican candidate for Kansas governor. He has been found in contempt of court for not putting his proof-of-citizenship voter registration law on hold while it is investigated by a federal court for its legality. Music: Rondo brothers Puffer 5 days ago

James Comeys memoir is released

James Comeys memoir provides details about the former FBI directors plan to reveal Russian meddling in the U.S. election. The book remains at the top of Amazons best seller list where it first went weeks before it was released.Music: Kevin Macleod and amp;#39;It Is Lost and amp;#39;.  7 days ago

Stormy Daniels arrives at Michael Cohens hearing

Adult film star Stormy Daniels arrived at Michael Cohen and amp;#39;s hearing on April 16, 2018, one week after Cohen and amp;#39;s Manhattan office was raided. Daniels is engaged in a legal battle with President Trump and amp;#39;s attorney Michael Cohen over a $130,000 agreement regarding the alleged 2006 affair she had with Trump.  8 days ago