devotees-from-all-religions-gather-at-shrine-of-peer-monga-nath-upholding-communal-harmony Play

Devotees from all religions gather at shrine of Peer Monga Nath, upholding communal harmony

Jammu and Kashmir, Oct 14 (ANI): The socio-cultural ethos of Kashmir or Kashmiriyat is steeped in a tradition of religious tolerance, social harmony and brotherhood. It was influenced by the advent of saints in Kashmir in early 14th century. Saints were both popular and influential because they identified themselves with established traditions and never opposed the blending of different religious customs, practices and beliefs. As a result, they attracted many followers. Even today, several shrines dot the state, drawing people from different religions in large numbers. For instance there is the shrine of Peer Baba Monga Nath. Located 35 kms from Jammu in the border area of Satrayan village, the shrine attracts people from different communities. Peer Monga Nath was a true devotee of amity and brotherhood. Oct 14, 2014
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Muslims participate in Dusshera festivities, promote communal harmony

Bareilly, Oct 14 (ANI): India has a rich culture of traditions and festivals. And people here belonging to different communities celebrate every festival with great enthusiasm maintaining communal harmony between them. Bareilly is yet another place where the example is clearly visible. Here during the occasion of Dusshera, Hindu festival, Muslim children participate in a play dedicated to goddess Durga. The children dance and act in the play which portrays the story of Goddess Durga and Mahishasura. The celebrations like this depict love and fondness of people and respect for each other's religious beliefs which still exists in the country. Oct 14, 2014
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UN's Ban in West Bank slams new Israel settlements

UN chief Ban Ki-moon on Monday condemned Israeli settlement building and warned against "provocations" at Jerusalem's holy sites, calling for renewed peace talks to avoid further conflict with the Palestinians. Duration: 00:38 Oct 14, 2014