US Independence Day 2017
Fireworks are seen from the East River on the South Brooklyn route of a New York City ferry on July 4Alex Wroblewski/Getty Images

With fireworks lighting up the entire United States of America, the recitation of the Declaration of Independence during a cruise and some surprising events being held all across the nation, the 2018 July 4 celebrations have come to an end. The planning for the Fourth of July starts quite early with the entire nation engulfed in the holiday mood and the day finally reckons Americans wait for the next year bash.

This year's July Fourth celebrations saw various unique events all around with special mouth-watering recipes being served at restaurants. The Independence Day marked the 242nd birthday of the nation and the patriots all across the country offered their tribute to America in their own unique way. The USS Constitution sailed in Boston Harbor and fired a 21-gun salute to mark the importance of the day. During the cruise, a navy sailor recited the Declaration of Independence on board.

In a Rhode Island town, a historic parade was held to celebrate the Fourth of July. Despite the scorching heat, America seemed to have enjoyed every second of the federal holiday either by attending patriotic events or by treating themselves with their favorite cuisine. Last year, the fireworks were cancelled in most of the parts of the nation because of possible rains all over, this time the safety issues put some restrictions of the lighting up of the sky.

Thus, while some areas witnessed huge fireworks decorating the sky with numerous lighting designs, a few of them were under supervision against illegal fireworks. Authorities like Cal Fire said that they will act as a watchdog to ensure a safe holiday for Americans. "California has a zero-tolerance policy toward illegal fireworks," Cal Fire stated while mentioning the name of the western US state in specific.

Unlike last year, this year's July 4 celebrations have been quite smooth and joyous. The possible threat of rain storms on the Fourth of July, 2017 ruined the celebrations in the midwest, south, and northeast regions of the nation. The western part of the country, on the other hand, experienced severely hot and dry weather, which was expected to increase the wildfires in the areas.

Another eye sour last year was when public figures and celebrities enjoyed the federal holiday overseas. Among them was NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick who posted a video on social media about his travel to Ghana.

Though the US Independence Day marks the approval of the Declaration of Independence, the video posted by the player tried to kick up a different and controversial focus about it. The NFL ace highlighted that the document, which declared "all men are created equal," was signed by 56 men most of whom were slaves themselves. "To find my independence I went home," Kaepernick wryly said.

However, the wrap up of 2018 July 4 celebrations was bereft of such serious controversies, making this year's celebrations more thrilling and interesting with comedian Sacha Baron Cohen's latest tweet, announcing "Sacha graduates soon" with the actual logo of Trump University.

The post has come following a video clip where US President Donald Trump criticized the "Borat" comedian's ability to be funny. "Sacha Baron Cohen, go to school! Learn about being funny," the clip said.

The caption of the tweet by Cohen is mysterious, which has anyway given Americans another reason to wait and keep guessing.