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Indonesia, Singapore hunt for missing jet

A specialist from the Singapore Ministry Of Transport's Air Accident Investigation Bureau displays the devices ready to be deployed for the search of the missing AirAsia flight following the plane's disappearance on Sunday. Dec 29, 2014
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Former I and B Minister says there is no need for violence over film 'PK'

New Delhi, Dec 29 (ANI): Former Information and Broadcasting Minister Girija Vyas said on Monday that there was no need for violence over the film 'PK'. Vyas said that the Censor Board is the highest authority to clear films and any problem relating to the movies should be put forward in a decent manner, not by destroying property and spreading violence. Dec 29, 2014
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Festive season stress top reason behind split among couples

New Delhi, Dec 29 (ANI): A survey has revealed that under the festive stress, many married couples may split in the coming year. As per the experts, around 25 percent used the holidays for an attempt to patch up their differences, but being together for so long with the other stresses of the festive season, puts more pressure on the relationship, online portal reported. The survey explained that first week of January is the busiest time for divorce lawyers, as festive season comes up with flirting at parties and spending too much money. Dec 29, 2014