YouTube conspiracy theory channel 'MRMBB333' has uploaded an eerie video which is apparently captured from NASA's live feed shot from the International Space Station (ISS). The video shows a planet-like object passing very close to earth's atmosphere, and conspiracy theorists soon speculated that it is the alleged killer planet 'Nibiru' which will cause mass devastation in the future.

"It was passing over the tip of South America and heading back to Africa at 10.30am on May 22. Can you see the different colours? I haven't adjusted much, it looked like that naturally. I don't know if it is because of the absence of the Earth's atmosphere or if it is something else, it looks weird," said the narrator of the video.

Adding up the mystery quotient, the ISS live feed was cut off within moments after the object appeared on the screen.

"I turned on the screen grab and started the recording because you never know when this thing is going to turn off. And it did, about two minutes into the video. I'm pretty sure it's the moon but I don't understand the colours," added the uploader.

According to conspiracy theorists, Nibiru is a lone planet that is lurking on the edge of our solar system. These theorists believe that this killer planet will hit our planet one day, causing massive devastation everywhere. Recently, a team of International scientists suggested that there might be a ninth planet in our solar system, and these theorists soon concluded that it is the proof of Nibiru's existence.

As the new video went viral, viewers put forward many theories to explain this weird space phenomenon.

"It's not the moon, It's a new planet, we have been seeing it for the last year every night. It shows up very clear and always is very bright and sparkles with many bright colours. Always," commented Micheal New 1962, a YouTube user.

"Nemesis Nibiru System. Red and Blue Kachina. This System Has Several Different Color Planets and Moons. Thank you. Blessings," commented Infinite Intelligence, another YouTube user.

David Meade, one of the strong proponents of the Nibiru apocalypse theory had recently revealed that this killer planet will appear in the solar system between May and December 2018. With the release of this new video, a section of conspiracy theorists believes that the object spotted in the ISS live feed is nothing other than Planet X.

Check out the video here: