Nirmala Sitharaman

Lord Ganesha on Budget day: The untold, unwritten custom of Finance Ministry

Every Finance Minister starts his/her Budget day with Ganesh puja at the corridors of the Finance Ministry of the North Block, offering flowers to the lord, before heading to the Parliament for budget presentation as the Budget day is the most important day for any Finance Minister which evaluates his/her performance. Feb 1, 2022

Central bank liquidity, not fundamentals, driving extraordinary valuations: Citibank

"If you believe that it's all about the level of stimulus and it's about markets following fundamentals, and you think there's too much liquidity in markets - and that's where most of the Citi house view is - then actually you're still probably bullish." Citibank's global markets strategist told IANS during a briefing on the bank's 2022 outlook. Jan 31, 2022