Colombia urges smaller rebel force to join FARC truce

Colombia's President Juan Manuel Santos urges the country's second-largest rebel force, the National Liberation Army, to join the FARC's one-sided ceasefire and parallel peace talks. Duration: 01:06 Jan 7, 2015

Bangladesh opposition chief faces murder charge threat

Bangladesh authorities Tuesday threatened to bring murder charges against besieged opposition leader Khaleda Zia and arrested her deputy over accusations that they incited a nationwide wave of deadly violence. Duration: 00:57 Jan 7, 2015

Myanmar's new cardinal in plea for religious tolerance

Pope Francis on Sunday named 20 new cardinals, a majority of them from Africa, Asia and Latin America, increasingly key areas as the Roman Catholic Church's support shifts from its traditional European stronghold. Duration: 00:49 Jan 7, 2015

Australia fire victim vows to rebuild home

Australia fire victim David Miller vows to rebuild his destroyed home and get on with life as bushfires continue to rage around the southern city of Adelaide. Duration: 00:53 Jan 6, 2015

Connected gadgets on display at CES

Pots that water your plants automatically, baby seats that learn to mimic a mom's rocking motion: connected gadgets are once again massively represented at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Jan 6, 2015

Family of AirAsia victims hope for miracle

The family that has seven members in the QZ8501 air crash says it's hoping for a survivor but above all wants all the bodies to be found and laid to rest. Duration: 01:07 Jan 6, 2015

Japan eyes India and ASEAN market for business expansion

Tokyo, Jan 6 (ANI): For safe and smooth public transportation, a signaling system plays a major role. Japan's Kyosan Electric Manufacturing Corporation has a hundred year of history of developing road traffic and railway signal systems, besides power conversion systems. The company first introduced traffic signal technology based on the union switch and signals in 1920s, and started domestic manufacturing by brushing up its technology. Kyosan produced the first traffic signal system in Japan in 1956. With a top domestic share in the signal system, Kyosan have expanded its operations in more than 10 countries overseas. Its president, Tsutomu Tokodai, says the company has achieved the reputation of having the world's most safe traffic system. Kyosan Electric Manufacturing Corporation has also forayed into the Indian market and is planning to venture into other South Asian countries, including Bangladesh. Jan 6, 2015