The doctors and nurses of NDMC-run Bara Hindu Rao Hospital in New Delhi, where a 14-bed COVID-19 isolation ward has been set up, have reportedly tendered their resignations due to the lack of personal protective equipment (PPE). The doctors and nurses had demanded adequate PPE gears while treating coronavirus patients.

However, instead of paying heed on their demand, the hospital authorities have threatened them with disciplinary action. 

Hindurao Hospital doctors and nurses have tendered their resignation over PPE shortage.
Commissioner North Delhi Municipal Corporation, however, shared this photo and said that the doctors and other medical staff were still performing their duties.Twitter/@suraiya95

"In view of COVID-19 outbreak, those doctors and nurses who are giving their resignation from Hindu Rao Hospital. Their resignation will not be accepted and their names will be sent to DMC office and Nursing Council of India to take disciplinary action against them," a notice dated April 1 by the hospital's CMO read.

NDMC Commissioner denies any shortage

However, Varsha Joshi, Commissioner North Delhi Municipal Corporation denied the report of mass resignations and said that only a couple of contractual doctors have expressed their desire to leave but no decision has been taken on his application.

"Only a couple of contract doctors have expressed a desire to leave. Their applications will be processed tomorrow itself. Plainly, their contract WILL NOT BE RENEWED IN FUTURE," she wrote on Twitter.

Hindu Rao Hospital
The doctors and nurses have been threatened with disciplinary action.Twitter/@VidyaKrishnan

Joshi also rejected the claim of any shortage of PPE gears and said the hospital has enough  PPE kits and the hospital was in process to procure more such equipment required by doctors while treating the highly contagious coronavirus.

"The only remotely covid related activity presently going on in HRH is screening, for which more than enough PPE kits are available. More PPE kits are being procured directly from the manufacturers. We will evidently never undertake any activity which risks our staff," she in a series of tweets.