DROR is the first of its kind social distancing app that can help people maintain safe distance to avoid further spread of coronavirus. Personal safety app, DROR, is now available for download on Android and is designed specifically to support the ongoing social distancing measures amid coronavirus outbreak.

The Social Distancing Tracker

Once the user downloads the app and registers with the DROR community, you will be able to track the social distancing score real-time. The unique 'Social Distancing Tracker' enables the user to maintain a daily score that is given by exchanging Bluetooth signals between other app users who are in close proximity.

The DROR uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithm to inform users about their real-time score and alert them when they are within close range of high-volume human contact.

DROR app
DROR app

As more and more people use this app, the social distancing tracker will help DROR in contact tracing that is so far being conducted through the unreliable method of interviewee memory. However, not all people are able to accurately remember who they came in contact with.

Creating a Safe Environment

DROR app also comes equipped with health alerts that will remind the user to wash their hands at regular intervals and provide other essential information about COVID-19 and social distancing.

According to Dhiraj Nauhbar, DROR's Co-Founder and CEO, the only way to control the community transmission of the pandemic is social distancing, as has been confirmed by health experts and India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The app will encourage the people to stay at home and maintain distance by showing them their daily as well as bi-monthly social distancing score.

DROR app

Additionally, Gopi Latpate, Chief Mentor & US based Serial Entrepreneur, says that the app has managed to create a safe network for everyone, especially in cases of emergencies, by providing the SOS functionality and other SOS features.

DROR is the only technological effort so far that will help the government fight against Coronavirus and help health officials as well as users to maintain social distance as a precautionary measure.