People from Delhi's Markaz Nizamuddin are admitted to Rajiv Gandhi Super Specialty Hospital and according to a recent report, one of them tried to commit suicide on Wednesday. According to the administration of the hospital, they have saved him successfully and all possible measures have been taken to tighten the security so that such incidents don't happen again.

Around 2,100 persons were stuck in the Markaz and it took five days to evacuate people from the Nizamuddin area of Delhi.

Out of all the members who attended the gathering, more than 100 people have tested positive for coronavirus and a manhunt is on across the country for suspected cases after a large religious gathering at Delhi's Nizamuddin emerged as a virus hotspot with links to seven COVID-19 deaths.

Man tries to commit suicide

Coronavirus in Markaz Nizamuddin 

Nearly 2,100 people have been evacuated from "Markaz Nizamuddin", the Delhi headquarters of the Tablighi Jamaat group, since Sunday and at least 441 in Delhi have shown symptoms of the virus.

The lockdown was on but there were many who were staying at the gathering facility posing a threat to themselves and others.

Over 1,100 are now quarantined in different parts of the city. The police has registered a case against the mosque administration. The home ministry has instructed states to track down Tablighi members who traveled to various parts of the country after the two-day gathering on March 8-10.

Nizamuddin Markaz Coronavirus cases
Several people who attended a religious event at Nizamuddin Markaz in Delhi has tested positive for coronavirus.

State-wise data

In Tamil Nadu, about 50 have tested positive, in Delhi 24 have tested positive, 21 in Telangana, 18 in Andhra Pradesh, 10 in Andamans and one each in Assam and Kashmir after attending the gathering. About 824 foreigners had also traveled to different states and their details have been given to the police for their convenience.

A senior official stated that the Telangana administration is estimating that over 1,000 people from the state might have attended a religious congregation, which is a major threat amid the coronavirus pandemic.

No fault finding

Health Ministry Joint Secretary Lav Aggarwal during a press briefing on Tuesday evening said, "We all need to understand and appreciate that this is not the time to do fault finding. What is important for us is to take action as per our containment process in whatever areas we find a case."

Reports state that the mosque is 100-year old and has a six-floor dormitory. All social distancing rules were ignored at the gathering. On March 21, there were 1,746 people in the center and 216 were foreigners, according to the home ministry.

Bihar government also stated on Wednesday that 81 people from the state were a part of the congregation.