World's Most Beautiful Women of 2012: Beyonce Knowles Tops List [PHOTOS]

There is a long line of beautiful people in the world but some has an egde over the others. American singer Beyonce Knowles has been named the World's Most Beautiful Woman of 2012 by the People magazine. She has beaten the likes of Sofia Vergara, Charlize Theron and others. Jan 3, 2013

India: Most Unforgettable Events of 2012 [PHOTOS]

The year 2012 was an eventful period for India. The year started off on a good note with the successful launch of warhead-enabled Agni-V in April but darkness unfolded towards the end with the brutal gang-rape incident in Delhi. Dec 31, 2012

Aakash 3 with SIM Card Slot to Debut in India Next Year

The third version of Indian-made tablet PC Aakash is all set to become a truly mobile device next year. Aakash-3 will feature a SIM-card slot to make the tablet PC more desirable to tech savy Indians and young adults alike. Dec 30, 2012