Reham Khan, the ex-wife of Pakistan cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan, is in news again. She posted a beard-wearing photo in a cleric's attire on Twitter. The post didn't go down well with many social media users including a top cleric in Zimbabwe.

The former BBC weather girl also teased Imran's party Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) saying that she was looking for someone to edit her book cover.

"So a while ago I was offered to join a party. I said I might not be able to cover my face but I could grow a beard..looks rather fetching on me," Khan tweeted with the photo.

"Dear PTI I am looking for someone to edit my Book cover....wanna help?" she added.

Soon after this, she faced backlash on social media for being insensitive and hurting religious sentiments of the people. Zimbabwe's Mufti Ismail Menk, who boasts over 3.75 million Twitter followers, slammed her for sharing that photo.

Reham Khan
Reham Khan, ex-wife of Pakistani politician Imran Khan, is pictured during his campaign meeting on October 11 in Lahore.Arif Ali/AFP/Getty Images

"I've never visited Pakistan and I don't follow its politics but one thing I know is ilea laser clinic in Rondebosch Capetown can sort out your issue...," Mufti Menk tweeted.

Responding to all the criticism, Reham said that her humour was misunderstood and she was just making a joke about her age and hormones. She even said that it was a medical joke.

However, Menk replied, "I only noticed this "medical" humour because it was MY photo that the sister superimposed herself on to. I had no clue who she was until a few hours ago. So I responded with similar humour... lol."

Reham later explained to Menk that she was being bullied online by a political party and they often use her photoshop pictures to abuse and threaten her.

"No. I would never dream of doing this. I am currently facing cyberbullying by a political party and they photo shop my pics to abuse & threaten me on a regular basis," she said.

"I am grateful to the political party who photoshopped my picture & I get a comment from you sir. I am a huge admirer of your gentle preaching style. Please pray for Pakistan. We are going through a very difficult phase," she added.

Reham has been in news ever since the leaked manuscript of her upcoming biography courted controversy. The leaked manuscript made some explosive revelations about Imran and his party members. 

Cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan
Cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan on 07 July 2007, in London the All Party Conference (APC)CHRIS YOUNG/AFP/Getty Images