INS Vikramaditya
Soviet-built Kiev-class Indian carrier INS Vikramaditya.Indian Navy

An editorial in Global Times, a hardline Chinese state media outlet, has warned India against siding with the United States in trying to contain a rising China and instead ask China to aid in its self development.

Referring to the cancellation of the US-India "2+2 dialogue", the editorial says:

The US has been gushing about its fondness for India but it lacks sincerity. But whether the value of this fondness is worth the price India will pay by antagonizing China, is still to be determined."

Global Times, which is run under the aegis of People's Daily – Chinese Communist Party's mouthpiece, says India will lose more than it gains from the Americans' Indo-Pacific strategy.

Under this strategy, the United States wants India to play the lead role in checking the rise of China. But does India really want to play this role? India should understand that this strategy involves assertive military posturing against China. This strategy is nothing but re-dividing Asia-Pacific region on Cold War lines.

As as emerging power, India wants to have sphere of influence but this shouldn't come at the cost of internal development. Trying to maintain military balance with China will be detrimental for the economy of India.

Stating that the Indian economy will take a hit if the country fails to maintain military peace with China, the editorial warned that the US strategy was not aiding India's development but was hampering it.

Sikkim India China
Chinese soldiers put up a flag atop their post at the India-China trade route at Nathu-La, 55 km (34 miles) north of Gangtok, capital of India's northeastern state of Sikkim, January 17, 2009.Reuters

Instead of falling victim to the US' strategy of containing China, India should follow China's example self-development and learn from it. Like China, India should learn to stand on its own feet and determine its place not only in Asia but also the world.

The article says that India is at a critical phase in its development and the main challenge it has to surmount is to lay the foundation for the infrastructure and manufacturing so it can become a "global production powerhouse."

"For that to happen, it is China and not US which can share knowledge and offer support to India. If India follows US strategy blindly, it will not only lose an opportunity to cooperate with China but also other neighbouring countries. India should understand this," the editorial concludes.