India asks its students in China to register for consular needs

FMG Exam: Indian Embassy issues advisory to Indian medical students in China

Indian students, who had joined the clinical medicine programme in China after November 2021 but had failed to secure license to practice as a medical doctor there, won't be eligible to appear in the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination, conducted by National Medical Commission, the Indian Embassy in Beijing said on Monday. Nov 8, 2022
black fungus

New Langya virus in China infects 35 people, can impair liver & kidney

China has detected a new zoonotic virus named Langya henipavirus, with potential to cause acute liver and kidney infection. About 35 people have reportedly been affected, according to an article published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) by scientists from China and Singapore. Aug 10, 2022

China escalates tension, fires missiles over Taiwan for first time

China on Friday said that it fired missiles over Taiwan for the first time, escalating tensions in the region as US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi arrived in Japan, whose leaders lodged a protest with Beijing after five projectiles landed near Japanese islands. Aug 5, 2022