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Dow, Nasdaq winners fourth straight week

Mixed data Friday suggests the economy is slowly improving. But it didn't keep stocks from sliding on the day. Still, the Dow and Nasdaq rose for the fourth straight week. U.S. economic growth Feb 28, 2015
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Low gas prices, yes, spending, no

Tumbling gas prices equate to virtual pay raises. But many Americans don't seem to be spending that that new found cash. Retail sales have been relatively flat and the savings rate is up. So what Feb 28, 2015
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Despair in Donetsk over rising prices

Plenty of food - but for some, no way to buy it. In war torrn Ukraine, food prices are rising rapidly. For many residents in the rebel stronghold of Donetsk, food items once considered staple - are Feb 27, 2015
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Lloyds raises rare smile - and dividend

Success has been hard to come by for banks of late. One though seems to have found a winning formula. Lloyds resuming dividend payments for the first time in 6 years. The UK lender was bailed out Feb 27, 2015
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Airbus on the up, IAG upgrades forecasts

Earnings at Airbus took to the skies in 2014, rising 54 percent before one-off items. The news boosted shares more than 6 percent, the equivalent of 2.5 billion euros or roughly the price of six A380 Feb 27, 2015
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Buffett may look abroad for buys

Warren Buffett called America "the mother lode of opportunity" last year, but this year, he could look for some of that lode in a foreign land. The billionaire investor's must-read annual shareholders Feb 27, 2015
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Russia worry sets tone for Estonia poll

Estonia's defence league holds a fun day at a local school in Tallinn. The tiny Baltic state is one of the few NATO members to keep defence spending at a NATO target of two per cent of GDP. Its 1.3 Feb 27, 2015