Fire ravages iconic French radio building

A fire broke out on Friday on the seventh floor of the "Maison de la radio" ("Radio house"), a vast circular building in Paris housing several media operations. Firefighters said the blaze started on the seventh floor. Duration: 01:09 Oct 31, 2014

European first as London skatepark wins heritage listing

A skatepark in east London became the first in Europe to be listed as a heritage site on Wednesday, after the government decided its concrete bowls and ramps were of national importance and worth protecting. Duration: 00:52 Oct 31, 2014

Zimbabwe opposition urges bravery to confront Mugabe

Zimbabwe's opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai on Friday urged his supporters to be brave to confront long-ruling President Robert Mugabe to end the economic woes facing the southern African nation. Duration: 01:05 Oct 31, 2014

Sweden officially recognises Palestinian state

Sweden officially recognises the state of Palestine, becoming the first EU member in western Europe to do so, prompting Israel to recall its ambassador to Stockholm. Duration: 00:51 Oct 31, 2014

Ex-Soviet official recalls tearing down of Berlin Wall

Twenty-five years after the Berlin Wall came down, some former top Soviet officials have mixed feelings about the event. Vadim Medvedev, a former member of the Soviet Politburo, says he was 'disappointed' to see the wall torn down. Duration: 01:13 Oct 31, 2014

Cosmopolitan new Afghan first lady backs French veil ban

Afghanistan's cosmopolitan new first lady backs France's controversial ban on the niqab, comparing the full veil to "blinders" as she prepares to campaign for more respect for women in her conservative adopted homeland. Duration: 01:00 Oct 31, 2014

Indians worship Sun god for betterment of family

Mumbai/Varanasi/Allahabad, Oct 31 (ANI): Scores of devotees across India, thronged banks of rivers and other water bodies to celebrate Hindu religious festival, 'Chhath', and prayed to the rising sun. 'Chhath puja', the four day festival, is celebrated on sixth day after Diwali and holds significance for married women who observe fast and stand in waist-deep river water, present religious offerings to the Sun god. According to tradition, on the first day, devotees, mostly women, take a dip in the river, pray to the setting sun and begin fasting. The following day, devotees abstain from eating anything and worship the setting sun. Next day, devotees worship the sun early in the morning and break their fast. The Sun, considered as the god of energy and life-force, is worshiped for well-being, prosperity and progress. The rituals observed during 'Chhath puja' include holy bathing, fasting and abstaining from drinking water, standing in water for long hours and giving offerings to the setting and rising sun. Devotees across the country celebrate this festival with great gusto as women wear jewellery and bright coloured traditional attire. Chhath is considered as one of the most significant and auspicious festivals of eastern Bihar state and in parts of the neighbouring northern Utta Oct 31, 2014