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Kiev protesters find faith to fight on

Since the start of anti-government protests in Ukraine two months ago, various religious groups have continually provided support, with demonstrators camping out in sub-zero temperatures finding faith to fight on. Jan 28, 2014
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Hollande arrives in Turkey amid political crisis

French President Francois Hollande arrived in Turkey on Monday for a state visit amid a political crisis plaguing the Turkish government and turmoil roiling his private life. Several big French business bosses joined him on his visit. Jan 28, 2014
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Syria talks deadlocked over power transfer

Syrian peace talks in Geneva were deadlocked after a session Monday aimed at tackling the explosive issue of a transfer of power, delegation sources from the warring sides said. Duration: 01:27 Jan 27, 2014
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Ukraine protesters occupy justice ministry in Kiev

A Ukrainian government minister warned protesters on Monday that a state of emergency could be imposed to deal with the country's deadly crisis, after radicals seized the justice ministry in Kiev. Duration: 00:52 Jan 27, 2014
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Syrian delegations arrive to discuss transition

A Syrian peace conference in Geneva is expected to intensify on Monday as talks turn to political questions and the opposition presses for the ouster of President Bashar al-Assad. Images and soundbites of delegates arriving. Duration: 00:25 Jan 27, 2014
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Badalta Manzar (Oct 03, 2013): An independent news report on Jammu and Kashmir

A deadly accident in the month of August, which claimed eight lives, awoke the authorities in district Baramulla as they started massive widening of the Boniyar-Burnet road. The authorities have launched its widening and are planning to macadamize it before the winters set in. The roads and building agency has been assigned the job of this crucial road. Beyond this after earthquake and fire, government high school banderna in kishtwar district is running in open. Due to the damaged building the students of this school are facing many problems. Other side, People of Panchari village of Udhampur district specially youths are facing problem for their work. They have to go to district headquarter Udhampur for every small work so they are demanding to give Panchari a Tehsil status. Jan 27, 2014
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Badalta Manzar (Sep 19, 2013): An independent news report on Jammu and Kashmir

People of 25-30 villages eagerly waiting for the completion of Tarnah Bridge at Mangloor village in kathua district. Nearly 10,000 population would be benefited by this bridge. Other side, government is spending rupees 120 crore for the beautification of largest fresh water lake Wular which is on the verge of extinction as the pollution is gripping it fast. The lake was once known as “essence of beauty”. Despite enormous funding from the central govt. under various schemes to upgrade the infrastructure in many schools in the far flung areas of Kashmir valley, very little has been done so far. One such example is govt. middle school at Narian in Rajouri district. Jan 27, 2014