Operations Shader in numbers: UKs war against ISIS

Figures released by the House of Commons reveal the number of bombs dropped on Isis as part of Operations Shader as of 25 August 2016. The data shows that the UK racked up a bill of £7.8 million on bombing Isistargets in Syria since December 2015, with a total cost of £84.4m on weapons since 26 September 2014. Sep 15, 2016

Donald Trump: I feel as good today as I did when I was 30

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has revealed his medical records on The Dr.Oz Show, saying he feels as good as he did when he was 30. The release of medical records has become a hot topic in the race to the White House after rival Hillary Clinton nearly collapsed at a 9/11 memorial ceremony on 11 September. It was later disclosed that she had pneumonia, but throughout the campaign Donald Trump has said he doesnt believe Clinton has the stamina to be president. Sep 15, 2016

Polish police drafted into Harlow after Polish mans murder

Two Polish police officers are on the beat in the Essex town of Harlow after the murder of Arkadiusz Jozwik. They are there to support the Polish community after a rise in the number of hate crimes in the area. Six teenagers were arrested on suspicion of murder and have been released on bail, after Jozwik and another Polish man were attacked outside a row of takeaway shops. Essex police believe the attack was unprovoked. Sep 15, 2016