Karl Wolfe, a former US airman who claimed to have seen alien structures on the surface of the moon, died in an accident. The former US Air Force Seargent was aged 74, and he was cycling in Lansing, New York when a tractor-trailer hit him. Soon after the accident, Karl Wolfe was rushed to a nearby hospital, but he later succumbed to injuries.

It was in 2001 that Karl Wolfe became the center point of attraction among conspiracy theorists and alien buffs. Karl had alleged that NASA is intentionally covering up secrets about the alien structures present in the dark side of the moon.

Karl Wolfe made these startling remarks at a Disclosure Project event at the Washington DC organized by Stephen Greer. During the speech, Wolfe revealed that he joined the Lunar Orbiter Project run by NASA at Langley Field in 1965. As per Wolfe, he saw the lunar structure images while trying to fix a photography device.

Wolfe had made it clear that a fellow Air Force man showed him a picture that featured towers, domes and mushroom-shaped structures on the dark side of the moon.

Video of Karl Wolfe's testimony is still the hottest searching topic on YouTube, and it has been watched millions of times by viewers all across the world.

"I was taken into the laboratory where the equipment was malfunctioning. I couldn't repair it in the dark so I asked to have it removed. An airman second class was in the darkroom at that time - I was also an airman second class. About 30 minutes into the process he said to me in a very distressed way, 'By the way we've discovered a base on the backside of the moon'," said Karl Wolfe in the video.

In the meantime, a section of conspiracy theorists has started alleging that Karl Wolfe's death might be the result of a foul play. As per these conspiracy theorists, people who expose the truth usually dies unexpectedly, and they believe that a secret force is behind these manipulated killings.