Parachutist injured in hard landing at Sydney football match

An army parachutist suffered leg and pelvic injuries and briefly lost consciousness when he made a hard landing in an aerial display before an AFL match at Sydney’s Cricket Ground on 23 April. The match between the Sydney Swans and West Coast Eagles was delayed by ten minutes while paramedics treated the man on the field, according to ABC. The man was transported to St Vincent’s Hospital. Apr 23, 2016

Boris Johnson critical of Barack Obama Brexit comments

US President Barack Obama made an impassioned appeal on 22 April, for Britain to remain in the European Union, saying membership had magnified Britains place in the world and made the bloc stronger and more outward looking. He made his plea in an article in the eurosceptic Daily Telegraph newspaper under the headline As your friend, I tell you that the EU makes Britain even greater. Apr 22, 2016