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How many times have you turned to Siri for certain odd and embarrassing queries? And while the answers are not exactly what you're looking for, they are amusing, nevertheless.

Siri has become the millennial go-to encyclopedia of sorts, from giving us cooking tips to location advices on the go but if there's one thing you should never ask Siri, it's the questions about sex. For all your sex-related queries, Google is your best friend, a study revealed.

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Siri has become the convenient friend that one cannot do away with because there's no putting a finger on it when exactly the world became so dependent on the artificial intelligence software.

But ever since 2010, no matter how wide the possibilities of playing around with Siri, turns out, asking the software questions about sex can prove to be pretty harmful too.

Business Insider reports that it's sure to stray towards some not so good news. Researchers from the University of Otago in Wellington posed several sex and sexual health questions to Siri.

And in their results, they found that the information given by Siri – apart from being amusing, was actually pretty inaccurate too, to the point where it was almost a matter of concern.

When they asked Google "how to have sex", both the online search and also Google assistant, directed them to YouTube videos of how to correctly put on condoms. Let's just say Google cares more about your protection than your peers, definitely.

Google Assistant vs Siri

But Siri decided to play this cheeky act – seemingly, so – and came up with the answer, saying: "no results".

Nick Wilson, who conducted the research, told Business Insider: "Even when researchers asked for pictures of people having sex, Siri offered some strange responses like pictures with aliens, what looked like men wrestling, and photos of people kissing."

"If people want to get internet-based sex advice or other health advice online, they should first probably do a laptop Google search according to our results, and then try Google Assistant – but not rule out other digital assistants such as Alexa and Bixby."

"But if you want amusing wrong results - Siri is probably best."

why is #siri so mean to me lmao

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So it's clear – for sassy and cheeky humour, Siri is that sarcastic friend who never offers the direct answer and is probably playing around with the one who had initial plans of having their goofy way with the app.

Google, on the other hand, is your typical 'mom' friend in the group – especially in matters of sex!